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Yesterday I Found an A

Yesterday I Found an A
Maggie Blossom By (author)
Marco Furlotti Illustrated by
USD $16.99
CAD $21.99


8.8 X 11.3 in
32 pg

2 - 5 ( Intrest Age )
P - 3 ( US School Grade Age )
AD830L (Lexile Code)


In this rhyming read-aloud, a young boy discovers the alphabet and all the friends that comes with it. A new letter is revealed at every turn, accompanied by its guests, who are responsible for creating quite a mess. Join in an alphabet adventure bursting with surprises as this delightful picture dictionary parades from A to Z.

Author Bio

Maggie Blossom is a Nashville based author with a passion for sharing stories with young minds. She specializes in re-writing classic tales in a way that makes them accessible to a broad range of readers.

Marco Furlotti is an author and illustrator of children’s books and has worked on a number of titles in a variety of languages. He lives with his family on the Appennino Emiliano, near Parma, Italy and has worked with many publishers across Europe and the United States.