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How Do You Measure a Slice of Pizza?

A Book About Geometry

How Do You Measure a Slice of Pizza?
Madeline J. Hayes By (author)
Lucy D. Hayes By (author)
Srimalie Bassani Illustrated by
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9.0 X 9.0 in
32 pg

7 - 10 ( Intrest Age )
1 - 4 ( US School Grade Age )
790L (Lexile Code)


Have you ever wondered how to measure your pizza or how much ice cream is in your ice-cream cone?

Basic principles of geometry are explored through diagrams, photos, and informative and engaging text in this newest addition to the How Do series.

In How Do You Measure a Slice of Pizza?, readers will learn:

·      The difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes

·      How to calculate the area of two-dimensional shapes, including a square, a rectangle, a triangle, and a circle

·      How to calculate the volume of three-dimensional shapes, including a cone and a sphere

·      How to identify geometrical attributes like lines, points, and angles

Author Bio

Madeline Hayes is a self-described science nerd. She loves it! Especially biology and chemistry. She has a B.S. with Honors in chemical and biomolecular engineering, pre-medicine and a minor in chemistry from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, class of 2018. Madeline has expertise in engineering, chemistry, and mass cytometry and works using these skills to assist with research at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. She isn’t sure where her work and learning will take her, but she knows science will be at the core of her career and she credits that love of science to the many awesome teachers she’s had through the years.

Lucy Hayes loves learning. She says she loves to learn about anything, but she specifically loves science and math. She has a  B.S. in Industrial Engineering and is currently working as a high school physics teacher. (She credits her decision to teach to the wonderful teachers in her life). When asking one of her students how she should describe herself, her student replied "weird." Lucy could sense from the tone it was a compliment and has decided to go with it! This is her first book and she hopes some weird shines through.

Srimalie Bassani lives and works in Mantova, Italy. Her mother has always encouraged her artistic expression, and she is the inspiration for her passion. Her work is full of surprises. She always tries to diversify her style based on every story she illustrates. It's almost impossible to remove her from her writing desk, where she keeps a stack of books and teacups of many colors.