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Whose Is It? Beaks

Whose Is It? Beaks
Curt Hart By (photographer)
Board book
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7.0 X 7.0 in
20 pg

3 - 6 ( Intrest Age )
P - 1 ( US School Grade Age )
AD310L (Lexile Code)


Whose hooked beak is this? A bald eagle, of course!

Little ones will love to see the close-up photography and try to guess which animal the flat, curved, narrow, or long beak belongs to. Animals featured include a roseate spoonbill, bald eagle, ruby-throated hummingbird, white ibis, and American white pelican all photographed by Curt Hart.

About the Whose Is It? series: Animals of all types are featured throughout this photo-based series that invites the reader to guess the animal in each close-up photograph. A combination of familiar and unique animals makes this an engaging read for a wide range of ages and reading levels.

Author Bio

Curt Hart has been a professional photographer for over 35 years. He has photographed all over Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kentucky. As an instructor at the University of Memphis, Curt has a fondness for Strawberry Plains with its unique surroundings full of birds and butterflies. While he has been a sportscaster much of his career, Curt now enjoys being behind the camera lens documenting nature.