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Hazel Quintanilla (Artist) See More (18)

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Flowerpot Press
8.75 X 11.25 in
48 pg

4 - 7 (Interest age, years)

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A world of fun for budding cryptozoologists."—Kirkus Reviews

Welcome to the Monsterlovers Headquarters!

As the newest recruit to our secret organization, you're invited to explore our classified files about some of our favorite Alphabeasts from A to Z! This curated creature collection features unique information about some of the silly, cuddly, smelly, and mysterious monsters found all over the world. WARNING: Many of these monsters may cause you to laugh and learn, and maybe even inspire you to go searching for monsters yourself!

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a monster's classified  file with information about where they are found, what they look like, and a unique fact about them. The book also includes a map of the monsters and where they have been "spotted" around the world!

Hazel Quintanilla
Author Bio

Hazel Quintanilla has a passion for illustration. She has spent her life mastering a wide variety of media. She has worked on over twenty series in the US, England, and India. Hazel lives and works in Guatemala with her husband and their three cute dogs.

Review text - Kirkus Reviews

A worldwide, alphabetical presentation of cryptids from the files of Monsterlovers Headquarters.

The “professional creature curators,” who are dedicated to researching and safeguarding mythical monsters, provide readers with access to their top-secret files, arranged from A to Z. From the North American Bigfoot to the Chinese Qilin to the Central African Olitiau, a wide range of featured beasts is covered. Each write-up includes height, weight, a description, an interesting fact, and the creature’s “danger level.” Some creatures are labeled with superlatives (“hairiest monster” for the Agogwe and “smelliest” for the Sheepsquatch). Kids will find this a treasure trove of monsters from around the globe. The brightly colored, almost neon illustrations skew cute and approachable rather than spooky, which hits just right for younger elementary school children who aren’t ready for horror and gore. A full-page map at the end of the book shows each monster superimposed on its country of origin. There are few humans depicted here, but those at the Monsterlovers Headquarters are diverse. A blue-haired, tan-skinned child with ponytails is the spokesperson and primary narrator. (This book was reviewed digitally.)

A world of fun for budding cryptozoologists.