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Flowerpot Press (Designer)

Board book
USD $8.99
CAD $11.99
Flowerpot Press
7 X 7 in
20 pg

- 2 (Interest age, years)

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Adorable close-up photography of babies making hilarious faces as they express their different emotions is sure to delight your little one.

Each baby is paired with a funny saying to go along with their reactions, including expressions such as “Yay!”, “Yummy!”, “Yuck!”, and so much more! Inspired by and made just for babies, this simple book will have your baby saying, “Wow!”

About the Baby Firsts series: The Baby Firsts series from Flowerpot Press is the perfect introduction to books for even the youngest of children. Each book features lots of friendly faces that draw baby's attention and build their love for, and familiarity with, books—hopefully planting the seeds that last a lifetime!

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