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Flowerpot Press
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32 pg

5 - 8 (Interest age, years)

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A new colorful and sparkling story from author Megan Bomgaars reminds readers that they were born brave just like Megan!

This uplifting and whimsical follow up title to Born to Sparkle reminds us of all the ways we have shown courage and bravery every single day since the day we were born. From the first night sleeping on your own to the very first day of school, we have all faced challenges, but Megan reminds us that we have always had it inside of us. 

Megan Bomgaars Quiel Ramos
Author Bio

Megan Bomgaars is a public speaker, artist, entrepreneur and star of A&E's Emmy award-winning docuseries, "Born This Way." Megan loves to share her life experiences with others and travels across the country giving keynote speeches and presentations on a variety of topics. Megan has written about her life experiences and her beliefs about being fully included in her community while overcoming limitations. Working with her teachers at school, she composed a popular video called "Don't Limit Me." Megan truly lives by her motto and she is an inspiration to her wide circle of friends and family. This is Megan's first children's book.

Quiel Ramos was born in Barcelona, Spain, but grew up and trained in Huelva, Spain. Quiel has been drawing all his life and studied fine arts in Seville before becoming a professional illustrator in 2015. Quiel has completed over 27 titles with different Spanish publishers since his first published book Arturo and the Apples. Although Quiel has a distinct illustration style, he tries to adapt his work to each new project.

Review text - Kirkus Reviews

We are brave from the moment we’re born—we just have to recognize it.

Providing many examples of bravery, a zebra with a rounded snout, two large, protruding teeth, and a curly black mane and tail leads a group of young, cuddly, stylized animals, including a bunny and a squirrel. All the animals wear clothing, stand upright, and use their “hands” with dexterity. The author, a Down syndrome activist, speaks directly to young readers and encourages them to believe in themselves, reminding them that they’ve already displayed courage in many ways, starting with their earliest moments. Just like the hero of this story, they have overcome their fears of taking their first steps (an accompanying illustration shows the zebra as a baby dressed in a onesie, toddling toward a supportive parent) and sleeping alone. They’ve endured dentist and doctor visits, made new friends on the first day of school, and gamely tried new things. The charming, expressive characters enact these adventures in colorful, homey artwork, a combination of vignettes set against sharp white backgrounds and full-page spreads. The tone is thoughtful, never treacly or preachy. Readers will be emboldened to realize that they are as brave as the young hero.

Loving, comforting, and uplifting. —Kirkus Reviews