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Flowerpot Press
8.75 X 11.25 in
32 pg

5 - 8 (Interest age, years)

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Explore this fun and adorable book about friends brought together by their shared love of dinosaurs from author Hayley Vaughters and illustrator Dean Gray

You know what they say, DINOS are a girl's best friend! Tyra loves walking on her stilts, so the tall Tyrannosaurus rex is her favorite dinosaur. Megan loves to swim with her fins, so she loves the Megalodon the most. Each girl’s individual interests, hobbies, and traits are exemplified in the dinosaurs they select as their best friend in this adorable book about a group of very different friends brought together by their shared love of dinosaurs.

Hayley Vaughters Dean Gray
Author Bio

Dean Gray was born in Roehampton and is currently based in south London. He studied graphic design, which means that conceptual thinking plays a huge part in his idea process. He takes a lot of inspiration from watching films, animations, browsing the Internet, collecting vinyl toys, kawaii culture, and science fiction. He takes a character driven approach to his work and is passionate about storytelling. Creating a character that someone can have an emotional connection with is what Dean finds most exciting.

Hayley Vaughters graduated from the University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in English with a focus in creative writing. She has been writing since she was a kid. Whether she was creating otter-themed parody stories on her family computer or making four-panel comics for her middle school friends, the desire to create has always been with her. These days, she writes stories in her cavern-like room, illuminated solely by the dim light of her computer monitor. Hayley cites her biggest influences as cartoons, video games, and weird music, with a hint of literary fiction thrown in for good measure.