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Board book
USD $7.99
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Flowerpot Press
7 X 7 in
20 pg

2 - 5 (Interest age, years)

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My dog needs food. My dog needs water. My dog needs exercise. My dog needs me! Teach little ones the importance of caring for their precious pups with this adorable picture book! They will enjoy learning about all the ways they can love and look after their furry friends!

Jordan Wray Jane Cottrell
Author Bio

Growing up, Jordan lived in a city called Sheffield in England, but since then, he has lived all over the UK. From what he can recall of his childhood, there were no ‘influences’ or ‘moments’ as such, to inspire him into his creative career… he was just born with a pencil and got on with it. The thing that keeps Jordan’s inspiration going is solitude. He adores going for walks by himself on the beach or in a forest. His cat, Iver, also plays a huge part in character development and scenarios. Jordan could sit and watch what she gets up to all day.

Jane has worked with and loved animals all her life. Jane is an active breeder of Bernadoodles but loves dogs, cats, and animals of all kinds. Jane lives on a farm in Canada with her husband, kids, and a bunch of animals, including four dogs, a bundle of goats, hundreds of sheep, and one very bossy cat.