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USD $12.99
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Flowerpot Press
9 X 9 in
32 pg

4 - 7 (Interest age, years)

Not yet published
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Flowerpot Press
8 X 8 in
32 pg

4 - 7 (Interest age, years)

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Have you ever wondered WHY desert animals do the things they do?

Learn fun facts about some of your favorite animals including rattlesnakes, fennec foxes, lizards, coyotes, tortoises, and camels in this simple yet informative introduction to nonfiction.

Featured animal questions:
• Why do rattlesnakes rattle?

• Why do fennec foxes have big ears?

• Why do lizards feel cold to the touch?

• Why do coyotes howl at night?

• Why do tortoises have shells?

• Why do camels have such long eyelashes?

About the Why Do series: Introduce early learners to nonfiction with this layered series full of fun and learning. Each book explores a STEM topic by answering questions kids want to know! The whimsical pages of these books feature the why do questions and silly answers and illustrations before revealing the true answers. Vocabulary words and simple activities are scattered throughout to add to the fun. Plus additional facts and photos of the featured animals can be found in the back pages to enhance the readers knowledge of each animal!

Jack Beard Jayri Gomez
Author Bio

Jack Beard has had a lifelong love of children’s books. His earliest memories are of reading with his mom and dad cuddled up by a fire. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has a slew of outdoor hobbies including skiing, hiking,  kayaking, spending long days on the beach, and telling stories to his friends around a campfire. His best friends are his two dogs, Georgie and Bear.

Jayri Gómez is a children's book illustrator from the Dominican Republic. From a very young age, Jayri knew she wanted to pursue drawing and found her dream job in illustrating books. As an illustrator, Jayri has published many works with various brands and publishers. She is now making her debut as an author called The Stars of Din. As an expert in multitasking, she likes to sing or watch videos while working on her art. Jayri loves watching horror shows and movies while working. Despite her love of horror, Jayri’s artwork is cute and as colorful as can be. She also channels this colorfulness into her daily life. Jayri is an avid Harry Potter fan and collects Funkos. Other hobbies include eating and taking naps. She lives in the tropical Santo Domingo, with her kittens Momo and Ginny.