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Flowerpot Press
9 X 9 in
32 pg

4 - 7 (Interest age, years)

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The Peace Dragon Tales series promotes peace and love among young readers and encourages them to apply those concepts every day to everything they do. In Words, Pax the Peace Dragon teaches children the power of words and the importance of kindness to self and others. Beautiful illustrations will captivate readers and the included activities will help young learners apply the concepts from the book in the classroom or at home. The Peace Dragon is a non-profit dedicated to teaching and spreading peace throughout the world. Each book in the Peace Dragon Tales series from Flowerpot Press is an extension of this mission and will help teach children the power of words, the importance of acceptance, and the enormous benefit of seeing and accepting the world with an open heart.The series is perfect for campaigns that aim to reduce racism, bullying, and prejudice, and turn children toward unity, kindness, and acceptance.

Linda Ragsdale Imodraj Mohanamani
Author Bio

Imodraj Mohanamani was born in Kollam, Kerala, where he discovered a love for drawing, painting, and storytelling at a young age, and soon could not imagine a world without colors and characters. After working as an animation designer and freelance illustrator, he now owns his own creative studio and spends his days with his wife and their daughter. 

Linda Ragsdale wants everyone to be a dragon—a Peace Dragon, that is! As an award-winning author, illustrator, international speaker, and peace teacher, Linda developed her Peace Dragon Tales to help us harness our fiery and emotional energies and redirect them into peaceful and productive outcomes. Linda invites you to be a Peace Dragon ambassador and join the over 37,000 students from around the world by using a heart-centered View, Voice, and Choice to color our world with compassion. Find her personal story of choosing peace, along with some fun Peace Dragon extras at